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Agile Frameworks & Methodologies - Project Level

Project Management framework based on continuous prioritization, value driven empirical approach to ensuring that projects are delivered on time, scope and cost while perfectly accommodating changes in scope and context without necessarily affecting the delivery.

It is built around transparency, continuous inspection and adaptation.

Digital Literacy Bench Marking

The Internet Core Competency Certification (IC3) is the worldwide benchmark to gauge a student’s understanding of computer systems like hardware, software, firmware, networking, and computer literacy. The term “IC3” is used most often in conversations, but that’s actually not the certification’s full title. The full title is “IC3 Digital Literacy Certification.” This name comes from the fact that the IC3 certification covers more than one area of computer-based technology. It also discusses how that technology impacts students’ lives, how students can be safe while using it, and so much more. That’s good for a lot of reasons, including the fact that IC3 covers a ton of ground when it comes to computer education.

Unity Certified User

The Unity Certified User certification enables individuals to get started in interactive content creation for industries such as gaming, entertainment, …

Product Management

SAFe 5.0 (Business Agility)

Innovate and deliver valuable products and services at enough speed...

Product Owner – PO

Bridge the gap between product strategy and development...

Scrum – CSM

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